Excess Inventory, anyone? Small Hospitals can Find used Medical Imaging Equipment Invaluable

One man’s meat is another’s poison, the old adage goes. And it rings true when it comes to asset disposition in the medical profession as anyone with an idea how much imaging equipment goes for will attest.

C-Arms, CT scanners, MRI systems, and other radiology systems out there are indispensable components in the medical diagnostics of some conditions. These systems are colossal and it needs no telling they cost the proverbial arm and a leg, hence the reason you only find them in big hospitals.

Like all other electronics though, they are subject to asset recovery because they too become obsolete. And this is where smaller hospitals and medical clinics that can’t otherwise afford new ones should take advantage. Purchasing used and refurbished medical imaging equipment doesn’t mean these smaller institutions are getting shortchanged. Quite on the contrary really.

And it’s a win-win situation for everyone: the large institutions find a way to properly dispose their now excess inventory, and even manage to recoup a part of the initial outlay; the smaller hospitals can acquire medical equipment they couldn’t otherwise afford at a fraction of the cost, and guess who else smiles? The environment is saved by keeping these equipment from ending up in landfills.

Wonderful world, isn’t it? Let’s explore the subject in a little more detail.

Where does used Medical Equipment come from?

Large, properly-funded medical institutions upgrade their equipment on a regular basis just to be au fait with the latest technology. What this means is that the old equipment needs to get a new home or end up being tossed away. Disposition is done not because the device has malfunctioned but because a newer model has entered the market. Often the case, the equipment is only a few years old with many years of service to give.

These machines are sold in an as-is or refurbished condition. Regardless, they still have plenty of years in them. If they don’t find a market, they are disassembled and then sold as scrap or end up in landfills. Given a typical MRI system averages over 20,000 pounds, this is a lot of material we are talking about here, although the disposal is regulated by the state.

Why Purchasing used Equipment is Beneficial

We’ve already pointed out that purchasing used radiology machines can save your healthcare facility a budget. But how much really? Well, getting the exact generic price is hard due to a multitude of dynamics, but savings can range between 30-70 percent off the original value. A lot of money.


New imaging equipment is beyond the reach of most small medical facilities

And for smaller medical facilities, this difference in cost can mean a lot of things, chief among them, whether to offer comprehensive diagnostic services, or to send patients to larger institutions. Purchasing used machines goes a long way in improving patient care.

Moreover, facilities purchasing these used high-end consignment can feel satisfied about making a telling contribution to the environment. Reusing these medical devices cuts down on waste, and sees to it that each of these painstakingly constructed devices serves out its full lifespan. Consequently, this reduces manufacturing byproducts and waste, the impacts of transportation, and the possible effects on the environment by shipping potentially hazardous apparatus. For example, the oil in the CT scanner’s transformers, or MRI equipment’s large magnet.


For any small medical facility toying with the idea of expanding their range of radiology equipment (or investing in it for the first time) purchasing used assets is no doubt a great option for you (and a good move too). These are systems capable of offering many years of reliable service, minus the high costs of buying new. But if you are not sure what you should be looking for given it’s an investment in its own right, an experienced and reputable company dealing in asset recovery services should be able to hold your hand through the process.


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