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Asset Disposition

Liquidation of Assets

In the rapidly changing world of technology and business, liquidating assets becomes a strategic move for many organizations. At Excess Logic, we specialize in turning surplus or outdated equipment into valuable resources. The liquidation process not only frees up space but also generates revenue that can be reinvested into the business.

Sale of Assets

The sale of assets is a crucial part of our asset disposition services. We employ targeted marketing strategies to ensure that your surplus IT and electronic assets reach the right buyers, maximizing recovery value. Our extensive network allows us to find interested parties across various industries, ensuring your assets get a second life where they are most needed.

Asset Disposal and Recycling

Asset disposal is more than just getting rid of unwanted equipment; it’s about doing so responsibly. Excess Logic leads the way in e-waste recycling, ensuring all assets are disposed of in compliance with local and federal regulations. Our data destruction services guarantee that all sensitive information is securely erased, providing peace of mind along with environmental benefits.

Asset Distribution and Transfer

Efficient asset distribution and transfer are vital for organizations undergoing restructuring or office moves. We offer comprehensive services for transferring assets between departments or locations, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions to your operations.

Divestiture of Assets

Strategic divestiture of assets can reshape a company’s focus and financial health. We offer expert guidance and execution in divesting assets that no longer align with your business goals, turning potential liabilities into strategic advantages.

Asset Auction Services

Our asset auction services provide a dynamic platform for selling surplus assets. Through competitive bidding, we ensure that your assets achieve their maximum market value, offering a transparent and efficient sales process.

Comprehensive Asset Management

Asset management is at the core of what we do. From the initial assessment to final sale or recycling, we manage every step. Our integrated approach ensures that all assets are tracked, valued, and strategically handled to optimize return.

Maximizing Asset Recovery

Asset recovery is more than just financial gain; it's about resource efficiency and sustainability. By recovering and remarketing IT and electronic assets, we help companies achieve up to 80 cents on the dollar, demonstrating significant savings and environmental stewardship.

Repurposing Assets

When assets are no longer viable for their original purpose, repurposing becomes a sustainable alternative. We explore creative ways to give your assets new life, whether through donation programs or by finding unique market opportunities.

Asset Valuation Services

Understanding the value of your assets is the first step in effective asset disposition. Our asset valuation services provide accurate assessments based on current market trends, ensuring you have the information necessary to make informed decisions.

Expert Asset Appraisal

Our team offers professional asset appraisal services, drawing on extensive experience and market knowledge. This ensures that all assets are priced appropriately, whether for sale, donation, or internal transfer.

Asset Retirement and Write-off

Proper asset retirement and write-off processes are essential for maintaining financial accuracy and compliance. We help organizations navigate the complexities of retiring assets, including compliance with accounting standards and regulatory requirements.

Why Choose Excess Logic for Asset Disposition?

  • Comprehensive asset disposition and recovery services tailored to your needs.
  • Nationwide presence with local expertise in key technology hubs.
  • Transparent and competitive asset remarketing, ensuring maximum recovery value.
  • Responsible recycling and disposal practices, emphasizing data security and environmental sustainability.
  • Proven track record of serving over 500 companies, earning trust through efficiency, reliability, and expertise.

At Excess Logic, we are committed to providing seamless, efficient, and ethical asset disposition services. Whether it’s repurposing, recycling, or remarketing, our goal is to optimize the value of your surplus assets while ensuring compliance and sustainability. Contact us today to learn how we can help transform your surplus assets into strategic advantages.

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