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Are you still paying for someone to haul off your e-waste in San Jose? Excess Logic will do it for free. Just give us a call to schedule pick-up, and we’ll take care of all of your company’s unwanted assets and e-waste; if your equipment can be resold, we’ll pick it up, store it, advertise it, and share the profits from the sale once they’re sold.

Free Pick-up of E-Waste in San Jose

One of our most requested services is our free e-waste removal and disposal; in fact, we serve more than 400 businesses across the state of California. We’re trusted for our responsible and secure methods that exceed the state and local regulations for disposing of electronics.

When you recycle your electronics with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your data has been erased and the equipment destroyed- with an added benefit of knowing you’re keeping electronic waste out of our local landfill. That’s really what we’re all about- creating win-win situations for business owners and our environment.

We Can All Do Our Part

It surprises many people to learn that 85% of e-waste is still not being recycled- which means it’s merely being disposed of in the landfill. Many business owners take this route because, for them, it’s the easiest way to get rid of e-waste and unwanted electronics and equipment.

When you make a phone call to our techs from ExcessLogic, we’ll do all the work. First, we’ll drop off a collection bin in a convenient place in your facility to make sure it’s easy for your workers to recycle. Second, we’ll empty and haul off your e-waste. If you have assets being stored at your location, we can send a crew out to evaluate the equipment to determine if it still holds resale value. If so, we’ll take it from there.

Hidden Revenue

Many companies find a continuous source of revenue from their out-dated or unwanted assets- money that can be put back into the company to reduce the initial costs of equipment purchasing. There’s a second advantage to repurposing or reselling equipment as well- you’ll be able to reclaim the lost space where assets were once being stored.

Saving the Planet Together

The fact that e-waste takes up valuable space in the local landfill is only the beginning of the problem with throwing out electronics rather than recycling them. Electronics contain hazardous materials that leach into the soil and water table. Recycling e-waste in San Jose brings with it the same benefits that come from recycling anyplace else- it protects the land and water for future generations.

We can all work together to save our little corner of the planet- and it’s a lot easier than you might think. One phone call to ExcessLogic and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. We’ll repurpose, recycle, and resell at absolutely no cost to you.

E-waste San Jose

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