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When is it time for asset disposal, and how do you plan for it? That's what we are going to discuss here. As a business owner, the answers to these two questions aren't always cut and dry. Excess Logic hopes to shed some light on the process and help your company to know which factors to consider. This will help you to determine whether or not you should dispose of a given asset and how to go about it. Further, most assets are required to be disposed of in a very specific manner to protect consumer data and to protect the environment. Excess Logic can help at every step of the asset disposal process.

Should You Prepare Your Assets for Immediate Disposal?

There are several factors that indicate immediate disposal is the right solution for your company. For example, when any of the following three factors are present, immediate disposal of your assets is advised:

1. When equipment is no longer viable and cannot be salvaged

2. When your company's needs have outgrown the capability of your equipment

3. When your equipment no longer rises to the standards of your company

Further, there are other times when the need for immediate disposal might be present, but the need won't be as obvious as the three factors listed above. Examples of these situations might be when your equipment is barely working, operating sluggishly, and frequently in need of repairs. While shrewd thinking might lead you to conclude that it's economically advantageous to make dues with your current underperforming equipment, investing in new assets will probably pay off in the long-run.

Once you calculate how much money your company is losing from downtime and repairs, investing in new equipment might begin to make sense to you. By making your company's operations as efficient as possible, you can save money and time.

The Best Asset Disposal

As a company, it is your job to protect the data of your consumers. Improper asset disposal can occur in any number of ways and at every rung of the corporate ladder. For example, a financial institution might donate their old computers thinking they are giving back to the community, but then they get nailed because those computers contained someone's sensitive data. A high-ranking company executive might have upgraded their smartphone, but the old phone had important company information stored on it. Simply deleting files and uninstalling apps isn't enough to protect your equipment!

Contact Excess Logic for Proper Asset Disposal

Excess Logic can help you recycle and destroy your old equipment in a way that is both environmentally-sound, ethical, and protects company info and consumer data. We can also help you recover value from old assets by refurbishing them and reselling them when doing so is possible. Plus, Excess Logic provides responsible asset disposal services, providing detailed reports for every piece of equipment we take.

If you have old assets that need to be disposed of, contact Excess Logic today.


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