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When you are looking for an equipment disposal company, you need to be able to count on them to completely relieve you of all liability connected with your old devices and equipment. Excess Logic is the premier company for decommissioning or disposing of excess, unused and unwanted lab equipment. We currently work with medical and lab equipment, computers, networking gear, and many other electronics.

What Can You Expect When You Hire Us?

We are a nationwide company that offers a complete recycling program for all your decommissioned lab equipment and other devices. We specialize in equipment disposal. At present, we have over 30 locations nationwide and in Canada.

We make sure all data is professionally wiped clean from all equipment and devices. We use the same media destruction and sanitation process the US Department of Defense uses. By using this method, it ensures your data is gone.

Our recycling program will make sure any parts of your equipment that can be reclaimed and reused is and what isn’t will be appropriately disposed of, if necessary, in an eco-friendly manner.

Your old equipment may be just what another company is looking for, which will extend the life and reduce waste in our landfills, and you will receive compensation at fair market value.

How Does Our Charitable Donations Program Work?

We have a charitable donations program and can help you donate the proceeds of your used items. Our clients can take up a 50% tax deduction at fair market value when donated to a qualifying non-profit organization.

3D Charitable Donation Program works like this:

  • Give us a call and tell us who you want to donate to. They must be a qualified non-profit organization.
  • We pick up your donation, contact your chosen non-profit, and then sell your equipment through our multi-channel marketing system. Your non-profit receives 50% of the proceeds from the sale. We have a clear and transparent reporting system, and you and your chosen non-profit will receive quarterly reports as necessary.
  • After all the assets are sold, you can contact your CPA and take 50% off fair market value.

Why Resale Your Old Lab Equipment?

Equipment disposal can take several directions. If you can resell your old equipment, your company will be able to turn that unused, mothballed, equipment collecting dust into useable cash. It is best if your equipment can be salvaged or refurbished and find new life in a new home. Your old devices and equipment may be perfect for someone just starting out or even a charity organization looking for the basics.

We specialize in medical and laboratory equipment, remarketing, recycling, and repurposing. We feel it is essential to manage our natural resources and protect the environment. Making sure that each piece of specialized equipment can be used until it is no longer viable is a worthwhile goal.

Contact Excess Logic today with any questions or to schedule a pick-up. We are here to help you with your equipment disposal needs.   You will find us to be professional, courteous and well versed in our field.

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