How To Go About Electronic Equipment Recycling

 <a target= electronic equipment recycling" />You have two responsible options when dealing with old computers. Sell it to a willing buyer or schedule it for electronic equipment recycling with trusted recycling companies. The first option involves getting onto several buy and sell websites, messaging with potential buyers, and packaging the item for sale. Messaging hundreds of clients about a broken-down electronic might turn into an endless endeavor.

The fastest way of disposing of the 4th generation computer with an extremely slow processor and damaged hard drive is to hand it to a recycling agent. Excess Logic will take apart the useful parts for refurbishing and shred the worn-out ones.

Recycling electronics is a new facet of the electronics industry. Currently, it exists within a decentralized system. You have a pool of options to pick when deciding on the best recycling agent for your electronics. A good bet is to find one that has credible reviews and partnerships with other tech-related companies.

How do you know it is time to recycle the electronic?

Perhaps you do not know the difference between a television that needs repair and one that has reached its end of life.

  • An electronic that does not function properly will have several attempts of unsuccessful repairs.
  • It may have a part that is too broken down and cannot function beyond repair
  • The chips and cables will have burn-out from excessive electrical interruptions.

What to do before sending off the device for the destruction

Sending off your electronics for recycling may not be as simple as flipping down the laptop cover and tossing it in a bin. Several precautions will ensure that you have all the required data and small parts that will improve overall functionality. You will have peace of mind when you can dispose of your devices after ridding them of sensitive information.

  • Save all your files to an external storage device
  • Destroy the information on the computer using cleaning software. Use a powerful software that will overwrite the existing data, making it hard to retrieve using recovery program
  • Other electronic devices such as DVD drives would require you to remove the disks and flash drives
  • Remove the sync between your phone, laptop, and other necessary electronics before marking it suitable for recycling
  • In the case that your computer is entirely dysfunctional, Excess Logic has a trustworthy data-shredding program. We have integrity and professionalism that will protect your confidentiality.

About Excess Logic’s electronic equipment recycling

All our operations adhere to the state and federal regulations of e-waste disposal and the data destruction standards 5220.22-M by the Department of Defense. The DoD regulation is a strict measure of standard recycling because it requires seven passes.

You do not have to deliver the waste to us. Call our highly responsive number to schedule a pickup from any of our thirty stations in the United States and Canada. Our trucks and staff will take care of the heavy lifting and transportation. Alternatively, fill in the online form to consult about any issues.


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