Responsible IT Gear Recycling

Are you looking for an IT equipment recycling company? ExcessLogic has all of your IT recycling needs covered.

Why Choose Us for IT Equipment Recycling?

We are your go-to company for recycling, asset disposal, and re-marketing solutions. We will make sure none of your e-waste is ever shipped overseas. We also have a Zero Landfill Policy and work with local companies that are R2 and e-stewards certified.

R2 certification is referred to as responsible recycling certification.


This certification is an organization that was formed out of concern for all of the electronic waste being recycled in developing countries by underage workers. These workers were often exposed to toxic materials and worked in unsafe conditions.

Our company does not send any of your electronic equipment overseas. We ensure all of our electronic waste is handled appropriately and disposed of correctly.

The current laws in the United States are very lax when it comes to recycling IT Waste. That is why E-Steward certification is essential. Their standards are strict, and their audits keep companies in compliance.

What Solutions Can We Offer Your Company?

Not only do we have a vast and all-encompassing IT equipment recycling system, but we also offer other business solutions.

  • Charitable Donations Program: Donate your excess, unused equipment, and we will donate the resale value with your charity of choice.
  • Returns Management Solutions: We can help you turn your returns into profit.
  • Computer Disposal & E-Waste Recycling: We will make sure your computers and IT equipment are recycled in a safe ecological way. We will recycle, repurpose and make sure all components are handled responsibly.
  • Surplus Lab Equipment Disposition and Re-marketing: We will come and remove your excess used lab equipment and help you recover the maximum resale price. We have a vast network of companies that are looking to purchase unused and slightly older equipment. Some may just be starting up their companies and are looking for a bargain.
  • Nationwide Asset Recovery and Disposition: We are the ONLY company that does it all. Lab equipment, office furniture, data destruction, and asset re-marketing In North America.
  • Data Center Decommissioning: Our approach to data decommissioning will cut your IT labor expense.
  • Data Destruction: We will make sure all of your electronic equipment is wiped clean following the U.S. Department of Defense protocols.

Why Is IT Recycling Important?

Our heavy reliance on technology has created another form of waste. IT waste. Technology is improving and evolving at a rapid rate. Waste technology is often associated with harmful substances and toxins.  We must make sure it is recycled in an environmentally safe manner.

What is in our E-Waste? The electronics we use has several harmful materials in them. Many contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury cadmium, and beryllium. There is also hazardous chemicals like brominated flame retardants in our electronics. All of these chemicals and toxins can harm children, even at low levels. We must make sure none of these contaminants find their way into our landfills. Because if they find a way into our landfills, they will leach into our groundwater. Let Excess Logic handle all of your IT equipment recycling.

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