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Equipment DispositionOn different occasions, your company may have equipment that is no longer operational or needed. This may happen during a move, downsizing, upgrading, a merger or acquisition. It’s easy to think of having your equipment disposed of in a landfill, but there are other environmental and cost-friendly options available.

At Excess Logic, we can handle all your excess asset recovery and disposition needs. With our operations based in 30+ states in the US and Canada, you can hire us to quickly remove all surplus tools and equipment from your establishment.

Reasons to Resort to Equipment Disposition

There are various reasons you might need to dispose of equipment, and they include:

  • They’re still operational, but you no longer need them
  • They’re outdated
  • The equipment is broken

How Can You Dispose of Your Surplus or Old Equipment?

The methods you use to get rid of stuff that you no longer use vary, depending on the condition of the used equipment. These methods include:

  • Reusing – Reusing or redeploying your surplus equipment to a different branch of your company where they’re required will help you save on the costs of new appliances and procurement.
  • Reconditioning – Refurbishing old equipment is a much cheaper option than buying new ones. By having some of the parts of an equipment reconditioned, it can be brought back to working condition.
  • Returning – Some original manufacturers allow companies to return old parts in exchange for cash or credit value.
  • Reselling – Assets that cannot be reused but are still operational are better off sold in the open market to a reseller.

A disposal company is the best option to get maximum results from getting rid of idle equipment. At Excess Logic, we ensure that you get the maximum resale value for your surplus equipment.

We are a one-stop solution service company that will enable you to get all your surplus clearance needs catered for. With us, the landfill sites will be your last resort.

What are the Benefits of Using an Equipment Disposition Company?

Disposing surplus assets becomes more economically meaningful if you engage the services of a professional disposal company. Such an arrangement will prove beneficial because:

  • A good disposal company will have all your extra stuff gone in the shortest time possible. At Excess Logic, we do pickups as soon as the next day after you schedule with us.
  • An established company has multiple re-marketing channels, which boosts the exposure of your assets that are on resale.

With Excess Logic, our surplus asset sales and marketing services will ensure you get more than 300% recovery than if you used conventional auctions, and 800% more than you would get selling to resellers.

Best in Class Disposal Services

Excess Logic has worked for multinational giants such as Google, Huawei, Mercedes-Benz, and AT&T. As such, you can only expect the best idle equipment clearance services.

Let us take care of your excess assets for you. We will give you a detailed record of everything we pick up, their condition, and maintain transparency throughout the entire process. Call us today on 650-307-7553 for a free consultation.

Equipment Disposition

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