What Is IT Asset Recovery And What This Can Do For You

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IT asset recovery is becoming an area of intense interest. The process involves recovery IT equipment and reinvests it back into your IT budget, giving your company a competitive advantage. IT asset recovery can also transform your end-of-life IT equipment from a cost center to a business enabler. However, they go hand-in-hand with IT asset disposition (ITAD), but the two have different end goals.

What Is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) And How Can It Be A Cost Center?

IT Asset Disposition means evaluating retired or non-working IT equipment to determine its potential for reuse. One of the best ways to use IT disposition and recovery services to your company’s advantage is extracting value from your company’s returned product. No matter the industry, it is strongly encouraged to implement a systematic process for remarketing, inventory reconciliation, and responsible recycling of obsolete IT equipment.

However, one misstep can result in fines and compliance violations, loss or theft of customer information or intellectual property, and damage to your company’s reputation. So, it’s paramount to have a well-managed ITAD strategy to avoid potential risks like a data breach, while still getting the benefits of more revenue. 

How Does IT Asset Recovery Transform ITAD To A Business Enabler?

IT asset recovery is a method of accomplishing IT asset disposition. It gets your excess IT equipment out of your office and out of the way. The end goal of IT asset recovery is not only to get rid of the surplus equipment but also to recover the best value from your unwanted technology. IT asset recovery is the process of recovering funds from your excess equipment. These funds cancel out or balance the expenses incurred by IT asset disposition, and the remaining funds can be reinvested to your infrastructure. This process transforms the ITAD process from a cost center to a business enabler.

Working with an agency that specializes in IT asset recovery will streamline this process. An IT asset recovery agency can eliminate your ITAD expenses, and optimize the return on your IT assets. Rather than incurring costs through responsible, compliant ITAD services, your company monetizes your end-of-life IT equipment, and put those funds to work for your company.

When Should You Think About Asset Recovery?

The best times to consider if you’ll need asset recovery is when you’re buying a new piece of equipment. Start with questions like: How long do you plan to use the equipment? What is the lifespan of this product? What will happen with this equipment when finish using it? Answering these questions when buying new equipment will undoubtedly permit you to establish criteria for your equipment down the road. When your asset needs to be recovered, it is a must to work with a professional that can perform these tasks. When you work with us here at Excess Logic, you get a fast, reliable, and professional service.

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