What You Need to Know About the Recycling Center in Fremont

recycling center fremontRecycling waste is a serious responsibility that will require your full commitment. The more significant items will demand bigger accountability because you may have to deliver them to a recycling center near you. Finding the right recycling center is more comfortable than what you may presume. Understanding what happens at these locations will also reinforce your commitment to becoming a steward of god environmental habits.

How to find a recycling center in Fremont

Recycling an electronic device is as easy as walking into the local electronics store. Other retailers may also be open to taking in small electronic devices. The question for you is whether you want to trust these facilities with the responsibility of maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Here are a few questions to help you settle on the right recycling center in Fremont.

  • What do you wish to happen to waste?
  • What mottos are essential to you?
  • What authorizations are available with the recycling center?

Why should you choose Excess Logic as your recycling center?

  • We have high regard for maintaining the cleanliness of the environment. Our mission clearly states that the process will try to have as little pollution as zero.
  • Our center recycles all types of electronic media. These options could be anything from the firm’s most significant server, a high-speed gaming CPU, the smallest chip ever made and anything else in between.
  • Excess logic does not work with partners who lack the Responsible Recycling Standard for Electronics Recyclers (R2).
  • We work with certified downstream parties to ascertain the complete breakdown and use of these waste materials.
  • Excess Logic has its headquarter office Fremont but maintains a wide array of offices across the states, such as in CA, TX, MA and AZ.

What is the process of recycling electronics?


The devices undergo a disassembling period to separate the metal from the plastic junk. The minerals have separations that divide them according to their types, such as gold and silver. The harmful materials get tossed into streams that shred, melt, and bundle them together for further waste management. Valuable minerals like gold are for use in other processes.


We separate the materials according to the types that can be either good for reuse or fit for shredding and permanent damage. Excess Logic pays special attention to batteries to prevent catastrophic explosions into the air.

We break down the makeup of the batteries to remove the iron and CMOS before shredding the remaining junk. The iron often proves useful for rail and metal manufacturing companies and steel is a viable possession of the steel mill processing company.


Shredding is not the last of the recycling process. The resulting content passes through a conveyor belt for magnets to pull precious metals from small tools like the motherboard, processors, wiring bits and hard drive.

The delamination process breaks down the separated contents into tiny components that are powdery. Finally, all these small particles undergo another separation process to remove different types of precious metals like copper and aluminum alloy.


Recycling Center Fremont

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