Why E-Waste Recycling Is So Important For Businesses


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Keeping up to date with the latest equipment is an essential part of running a business. This includes periodically replacing your old electronic devices with new ones. But what do you do with the old equipment that was replaced? While throwing old cables and computers out of your office may seem like the easy answer, the better decision is to recycle your old or unused electronics responsibly. Many businesses are not aware of recycling e-waste — here is what you need to know:

What Is E-Waste?

E-waste is the name given to electronic equipment that is nearing the end of their “useful life” and about to be thrown away. The most popular types of electronics that are thrown away include computers, televisions, fax machines, copiers, and many more. However, it’s essential to reuse, refurbish, or recycle your electronic products if you want to minimize the environmental impact of e-waste. In fact, many of the product’s components can be recycled or sold to create new devices. The purpose is to generate income and reduce the negative environmental impact of e-waste.

What Are The Benefits Of E-Waste Recycling?

Have you ever thought of the environmental impact of throwing away your old and not-so-useful electronics? Here are the reasons why companies should take their e-waste recycling efforts seriously. 

  1. Preserve the environment

The greatest benefit of recycling e-waste is the positive impact it has on our environment. Many electronic gadgets contain heavy metals that are harmful to both land and water. Recycling these devices ensures materials are safely recovered and recycled instead of ending up in the landfill.

  1. Improve your brand reputation

You are improving your business reputation if you show commitment to the environment. Improper e-waste disposal can put the company at risk of a data disaster. As we have all seen before, a data breach can result in brand reputational damage.

  1. Declutter the office

Old and unused equipment are often sitting at the back of cupboards gathering dust. Recycling your old devices let you have a clean, and decluttered office, which ultimately improves harmony and efficiency in the office. It also reduces landfill and the need to mine new resources.

  1. Lower business costs

Recycling also has a significant impact on your bottom line. Recycling your old and unused equipment is less expensive when you choose a cost-effective and reputable recycling program. Organizations like Excess Logic will collect and recycle your business’s e-waste at an affordable rate. 

  1. Return on your retired electronics

Every single electronics device that you retired is still valuable and can be put to use efficiently. Recycling these devices in parts or as a whole can get the company maximum return.

What Can Excess Logic Do For Your Business?

Did you recently update all your IT and electronic equipment at your office? You can get rid of all your outdated electronics with us. Excess Logic is an IT recycling company and can help you take your unwanted desktop laptops, computers, hard-drives, and more and recycle them safely. 



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