Why IT Asset Disposition Is Important For Your Business

When upgrading your company’s hardware or software, you need a way to legally and safely dispose of the old asset you no longer require. An offshoot of every organization should be the disposition of IT assets. In short, IT asset disposition is the business of environmentally conscious and safe IT asset disposal.

As the lifespan of even the best technology keeps getter shorter, it is essential to maximize the value from your assets. Since tossing old technology is illegal in several states, the best choice you could make is to partner with an IT Asset Disposition company that make sure everything is taken care responsibly. Why is IT asset disposition important for your business? 

Corporate and regulatory compliance 

Every company must abide by the corporate and regulation compliance during data destruction and IT asset disposition. If your equipment is handled carelessly, you can risk penalties, and most importantly, your business can suffer. For one thing, you want to ensure your proprietary information doesn’t get in the hands of your competitors that would allow them to get a competitive edge over you.

In addition, it is your ethical and legal obligation to protect confidential consumer data. Therefore, we cannot stress the need to manage your asset disposal through a certified, accountable, and secure process that will help you minimize these risks.

Do you want to protect data breach?

As a result of insufficient security, millions of data were stolen last year alone. Fortunately, data breaches are preventable when it comes to retiring IT equipment. There are several options for destroying hardware, some of which include degaussing, wiping, shredding, and crushing. When it comes to the disposal of your old technology, make sure you are working with an IT asset Disposition company who will guarantee effective disposal. 

What are you doing to tackle e-waste crisis?

Over the past few years, technology has not only evolved the way we communicate and increase our productivities rate, but it has also increased unwanted electronic goods. While e-waste takes up 2 percent of the space in the United States landfills, it produces 70 percent of the country’s overall toxic waste. So, choosing an environmentally friendly way to get rid of your IT assets will reduce any risk of environmental disaster. 

IT equipment resale 

Just because your IT equipment is obsolete or no longer in a good working condition doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any value. When you remove IT components from your workspace, it can be assessed or refurbished and remarketed. Identifying the value in IT equipment can best be done by professionals with the experience of the secondhand market.

Final wrap

As with any IT undertaking, it is always advisable to do business with a specialized and reliable IT Company that you trust will help take care of your need while you focus on your core business. Partnering with Excess Logic ensures that you get the IT asses disposition your business deserves. For more information, give us a call today.

IT asset disposition

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