Why Your Business Needs An Effective E-Waste Recycling Program

Whether you’ve just started up your firm or you’re a longtime business owner, chances are you have some old IT equipment that doesn’t quite seem to have a place in your company. E-waste is growing, and with that comes the need to create effective e-waste recycling programs. This trend is good news because several business owners are still not sure how they can safely dispose of their old IT electronics.

What is E-Waste? 

E-waste also known as electronic waste, refers to businesses or consumers electronic equipment that has become obsolete, unwanted, or non-working or now at the end of useful life and ready to be cast-off. Some examples of e-waste include items such as computer and its components (mouse, keyboard), mobile phones, radios, televisions, and more. All these items can be refurbished or recycled, but only 20 percent of the world e-waste is recycled correctly, and the remaining 80 percent are often dumped in landfills or incinerated. 

Why Businesses should take e-waste management program seriously

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make in asset disposal is to view it as a program that can stand alone. Asset disposal should be looked at as a lifecycle decision that can add value to your company.

Putting e-waste management at the center of your firm’s operation can take your business to greater heights of trust, reputation, success, and recognition – with this, you can create a healthy relationship within your company’s working environment and the world. With that said, some of the other reasons your business should be recycling include cheaper production costs, rising landfill tax, social responsibility, reduces the risk of data security, and more. 

Ways your company can benefit from e-waste management 

Boost your corporate social responsibility – it has been shown by Social Responsibility reports that if a company recycle e-waste in an environmentally friendly way, and they carried their customers along regarding this process, the business owners can increase their business reach to more consumers.

Reduces your environmental impact – e-waste cycling is the healthiest and safest way to reduce the environmental impact. Recycling your old IT devices, help saves the environment from the dangerous effects of landfill disposal.

Improves your business reputation – you’re improving your business reputation by taking your social responsibility. This increases the trust towards the product and services offered by your business.

Get maximum return on your old electronics – every single retired IT electronics is valuable and can be put to good use. Reusing and recycling these components in parts or as a whole can get you maximum return.

Finding an e-waste recycling company

Did you just update all your company’s electronic equipment and IT? Are you in need of e-waste recycling Mountain View? You can dispose of all your outdated electronics with us. Why Excess Logic? We are specialists in e-waste recycling Mountain View. We take your unwanted devices and recycle them responsibly and securely. We offer companies with e-waste recycling services with seamless customer experience and high-quality recycling solutions.


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