Holistic Solutions for IT Asset Disposition

It’s time for your organization to fold up its IT assets, and you have a lot to ponder. There is the issue of data destruction to think about, you are wondering the best approach to reselling the equipment, and how to dispose of the retired electronics in a responsible fashion.

Good for you.

This is a very important step with far-reaching butterfly effect and hence the reason to get it right. That’s why it’s important to carefully assess your goals before choosing to go with multiple IT asset recovery vendors to manage these processes for you. Reason is because you need to be sure you are covering your company’s tracks in terms of security and legal requirements. Nothing to chance.

Last year was especially a good year for hackers. We witnessed a surge in global data security incidents (66 percent increase according to an information security survey by PWC). The consolidated average for each record viewed, used, or stolen by criminals was $145!

Many organizations that have failed to carefully vet vendors have often found themselves floating in this boat, just because they chose to work with partners that are not able to fully meet their data security and IT asset disposition needs.

More is not Always Best

The problem with doing business with multiple vendors when disposing your technology assets is that it is prone to poor coordination across all processes. You can also throw in a lack of accountability and protection for your electronic assets.

Often the case, tech assets are transported to a certified facility, and assets have been known to get lost or stolen in transit. You may actually be surprised how much equipment we are talking every year.

Multiple vendors can split the duties for retiring IT assets, but you may find yourself headed for the rapids in the event that any vendor creates inventory tracking issues or mismanages your assets.

Data security is the prime reason why many organizations implement an ITAD program, according to the Blumberg Advisory Group’s 2014 ITAD Trends Report. That in mind, the need for a holistic ITAD management is more important than ever.


Working with a single ITAD vendor, nay – working with a single open and trustworthy ITAD vendor who takes data security seriously is key. Thankfully, a growing number of organizations are realizing the benefits of dealing with a single reputable recovery solutions vendor to take care of their obsolete and surplus assets.

One vendor allows them a lot of luxury: reducing administrative challenges, and guaranteeing full accountability in everything from paperwork to streamlined processing to timely statements.

Right Questions

An ideal world for organizations with respect to ITAD management would be one where a credible asset liquidation company can handle every single aspect of their disposition of IT assets without drama. As much as this space is not short of several comparable vendors, there is a reason many organizations are relocating their needs to Clean Bay Area.

Fully capable of accommodating a complete service such as this from start to end, this vendor is renowned for other aspects like service delivery and quality of execution.

See, selection of asset recovery vendors commences with asking the right questions geared towards guaranteeing data security and responsible disposition. It also means ensuring the vendor’s compliance requirements are in line with your corporate needs.


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