How Asset Recovery allows IT Heavyweights and Data Centers to Stay on top of their Game

The IT industry is one of the most competitive, and data centers have to constantly be on top of their game in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and stability. Rest on their laurels one minute and they are fodder.

With the proliferation of new technology every day, staying ahead can be a herculean task. And IT departments, no matter the size, are well aware that to achieve a seamless upgrade of their equipment, the key is effective asset liquidation to fuel new purchases.

Budgeting the Refresh Cycle

Commonly, most IT giants upgrade by first having a valuation done on current assets in operation before the upgrade is done. Once the value of the old equipment is determined, the company slashes what would have been a huge figure for acquiring new assets by adding this value to its upgrade budget, thus allowing it to command more purchasing power.

But what does asset valuation involve? Well, a lot, but the secret is to hire asset recovery services from a vendor experienced enough in the retiring of equipment. Something else that should not be forgotten is to discuss the time frame, given asset value dwindles over time.

Memory is another way through which companies can acquire funds for upgrades. Data centers tend to outgrow their previous operating systems and sooner than later need to run multiple ones through virtualization software. This software is thirsty for more memory. And given systems have a pre-defined number of memory slots, this is where purchasing higher-density modules to replace the low-density ones makes sense.

In the event that the old modules fail to be of any use in a server with open slots, they can be converted to quick cash by selling them to an IT asset disposition company.

Value of Old Equipment

As companies strive for a greener approach to efficiency, the losers have been power-intensive systems which can no longer hold a candle against their low-power counterparts. But does that imply the old systems which featured memory with 1.5 volts or 1.8 volts are obsolete and headed to levy a disposal charge?

The thing is, a good IT asset recovery company will want to value your systems from a working basis. Despite the need by many major data centers and corporations to push for the cutting edge, refurbished products still wield a lot of resale potential. A ready liquid market exists for networking equipment, clients systems, and servers, with buyers including corporations seeking to expand albeit in capital constraints, or countries boasting an older technology base that could find great use in what you consider almost obsolete.

Selecting the Right Vendor for the Job

Let’s not take anything away from them, IT giants are the best at what they do, and part of the reason they keep a step ahead is because they delegate some non-core functions to the relevant hands.

In that breath, data centers tend to work with an experienced recovery solutions firm, the latter of which take care of the former’s retired assets on their behalf, thereby absolving the data centers’ needless need to do it by themselves. An experienced recovery firm knows what has value and what is worth the salt – and what needs to be responsibly recycled. Some recovery vendors do everything in-house including aspects like repairs thereby maximizing return even on what might have been deemed defective equipment.


IT companies also tend to hold the issue of data security in high regard and thus more reason to seek the services of a certified company with data cleaning capabilities just to be on the safe side.

Effective disposition of the old equipment can go a long way in fueling the purchase of the new, not once, but as a constant cycle. This is why using a recovery firm is beneficial, and this is how IT heavyweights profitably stay on top of their game.

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