How Companies can Master Responsible, Efficient and Secure IT Asset Disposition

As recently as the 2014 calendar year, Unisys Corporation was involved in an asset recovery campaign that constituted over 1.6 million pounds of retired IT assets and other electronic equipment.

In doing so, the organization was able to achieve efficient management of its IT and electronic devices as well as going some way in securing its corporate, employee, and customer data.

Allow me a moment to bring focus to the magnitude of this ‘event’. 1.6 million pounds of the retired devices would be akin to removing 411 cards from our roads, conserving about 205,000 gallons of gasoline, or planting 47,717 trees. No small feat, is it?

Question is, how can you ensure your ITAD efforts are managed well, regardless of the magnitude of the project which could be as big as the aforementioned example?

It all starts with having a strong commitment to comply with regulatory and legislative requirements that call for environmentally-sound IT asset disposition, recovery, and recycling.

From there, you would do good to choose a good recovery solutions vendor to work with. And not just any other good vendor. A vendor with the proven credentials of getting the job done. A vendor you can entrust your company data with. A vendor whose services are in line with state and federal regulatory and legal requirements.

Note that this is a very important step in the disposition process. Failure to choose the right one could have serious ramifications that could be damaging to the point of directly impacting on your bottom line. For one, the brand you have worked so hard to build might be dragged through the mud. Second, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law having floated one or more laws governing asset recovery services. Third, you may find yourself being slapped with lawsuits left, right and center from aggrieved parties.

As the old adage goes, when the tide is out, you get to know who has been swimming naked. That’s why choosing whom you get to bed with matters. And the only sure way to cover yourself is to get a reliable loin cloth in the name of a recovery vendor.


When it comes to choosing ITAD companies, you will be spoilt for choice on whom to go with. But it’s important to choose one that’s best suits your needs. You could perhaps kick things off with the RFP process which can help you piece together responses to the specific questions or classifications that may be applicable to your case.

If done painstakingly (which is very much worth it) you should be in a position to easily point out the best match for you. Instead of going in blindly, take time to come up with a template or set of sample questions which will serve as an ideal guide in your journey to ensure secure and responsible management of your excess inventory.

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