How to Be More Emotionally Intelligent [SlideShare]

How to Be More Emotionally Intelligent [SlideShare]

You’ve probably taken an IQ test at some point in your life. But have you taken an EQ test?

Measuring and improving emotional intelligence has become increasingly important in recent years as more and more research emerges on the connection between a person’sEmotional QuotientEmotional Quotient (EQ) and professional success. A study from Virginia Commonwealth University identified high emotional intelligence as a leading predictor of job performance.

But what about its relevance to salespeople in particular? According to Colleen Stanley, author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, “Your EQ helps you sell bigger deals, in less time at full margin.” I’ll bet a few ears just perked up.

Boosting your EQ starts with understanding what it means to be emotionally intelligent. The following SlideShare from Daniel Goleman provides a primer on the core tenets of emotional intelligence, such as insight, resilience, self-motivation, empathy, and self-awareness. Put some of your IQ towards learning about EQ, and apply your newfound skills to the ultimate sales Q — quota.

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