How to Help Save the Environment. Method 5 of 5: Ideas for outdoors

How to Help Save the Environment. Method 5 of 5: Ideas for outdoors

1. Don’t use pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals.

Pesticides kill hundreds of birds and other animals per year. If you have unwanted weeds, pull or hoe them out yourself, clip them down, plant a ground cover in their place, or use mulch to control weeds and limit evaporation.

  • If you are a gardener, check out permaculture, integrative pest management, polycropping, and other techniques that reduce or eliminate the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizer.
  • If you do apply chemical fertilizer, apply no more than is really necessary, and take steps to ensure that excess is not washed into waterways.


2. Plant a tree.

They absorb carbon dioxide. If you can’t plant one, try potted plants. Deciduous trees carefully located near your home can also help keep your home warmer in winter (when there are no leaves) and cooler in summer (when they supply plenty of shade).



3. Create a frog pond

in your back yard. Frog populations are dwindling because their breeding areas are disappearing. If you create a habitat for them in your back yard, they may breed there.


4. Compost.

Designate an area in your yard to put your yard waste, fruit peels, and uneaten food. Find some worms who can break the waste down and produce a very rich soil that works great with your landscaping. Keep your compost heap as far from a water source as possible, and if you can, put a couple layers of concrete blocks or bricks around your heap to avoid a mess on your lawn.


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