Why has CleanBayArea changed the name to Excess Logic?

The name CleanBayArea confused our potential customers about who we are and what we do.
We discovered after gathering feedback from our potential and current customers that our name constraining us geographically into San Francisco Bay Area.
Many potential customers told us that when they heard our name they thought we are a janitorial company.

It became apparent that we needed the name that does not restrict growth and determines the market we operate within.
We wanted the name that helps us grow and provides the right direction and focus for the company.
As we moved forward with our new name it will offer a much broader playing field and allow us to an impact player in the future.

For different customers success means different things.
For some of them, success means to have excess assets removed from the premises on time.
For other customers, success means reduce the cost of excess equipment disposition.
For the third group of customers, success means remarketing of excess equipment and recovering top value.
So we wanted our new name to reach far beyond just an e-waste recycling company without losing the values that were a part of CleanBayArea.

When we were thinking about a new name we came up with around a hundred different variants.
We wanted a name that will bring a humanity to the brand.
The name that can be descriptive and at the same time shows what value we bring to the table.
So after six months of work and literally hundreds of name concepts the name that was our favorite was Excess Logic.

We found that the name Excess Logic has an association with something big and smart.
The tagline Turn Excess into Success shows what we really do for our customers.
We turn their excess equipment into success.

What is Excess Logic?
Excess Logic helps our clients turn excess equipment and IT assets and into success.
Turn excess into success with Excess Logic.

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