Use this Lean Strategy to Manage your Asset Recovery Needs

Lean strategy. It’s a word that has caused a buzz in the business world and entire books dedicated to discuss this critical area of business. Different areas of business rather. And the reason is pretty obvious: lean principles are applicable in almost every business aspect.

This so-called lean strategy has a very basic philosophy which is geared towards removing wasteful practices from the equation and in turn increasing value producing practices. By following this basic (but sometimes tricky to adhere to) mantra, your company can slash margins and operate in a leaner, meaner but revenue-generating environment.

Shifting gears from business to the recovery solutions industry, this type of lean operation is witnessed in action all the time, especially when it comes to computer recycling. Any organization is capable of swiftly putting into place lean policies for their IT recycling by doing one very simple thing: switching from the standard recycling practices to IT asset recovery.

Eliminate Wastefulness

One of the options you take whenever you have surplus computer equipment to deal with is send it to a recycler. You can be forgiven for doing so given it’s a very obvious option that doesn’t involve a lot of complexity. However, let it come to your attention that this practice tends to waste company resources that could otherwise have been recovered through other ways.

Usually, a good chunk of the excess inventory that a lot of companies take for recycling still wields re-marketable value. But when it comes down to getting rid of these assets, it doesn’t occur to some that some of the initial investment could be recouped: the objective seems to be to get the assets out of the office and make room.


There is a charge levied by recycling companies to haul away the equipment for recycling. Although small, it can quickly add up when there are a lot of assets to be disposed. There is the argument that some recyclers offer the service for free. But that is a long story involving a number of things such as certification, where that equipment ends up, among others. So, we’ll skip that part for now…

However, by making the decision to partner with an IT asset disposition company and ditching the recycler, there is a chance of recouping some of that initial outlay, and in the process, eliminate the waste of company resources.

Increase Value Production

When it comes to recovery of IT assets, eliminating wastefulness and enhancing value production are two coefficients that will always be found in the same equation. Recovery of IT assets allows your business to recover value from surplus computer equipment.

What this means is that your company now has a new revenue stream which didn’t exist before. These funds can find immediate use in your infrastructure through creation of new avenues for growth as well as solidifying your company’s profit-generating undertakings.

With this two-fold approach of getting rid of waste and increasing value production, asset recovery becomes a lean, mean strategy that better manages your company’s surplus IT assets.

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