What do you Look for when Choosing an IT Asset Recovery Company?

When it comes to finding an IT asset recovery firm, most of those tasked with the responsibility either have no idea where to start looking or what to look out for in a credible company. Given the sensitivity of the task at hand, this is an area you cannot afford to neglect because the consequences tend to be dire.

That said, there are a number of things you need to factor in when choosing an asset liquidation company. Let’s

The thing is, most service providers in any given segment claim to be offering one and the same thing. Of course, differences may be subtle but by and large, most are dishing out the same offering. At least, that’s how it appears from the outside.

This is what makes it even more challenging for the company looking to outsource recovery solutions because even a quick search on your favorite search engine will yield almost similar service. So, the big question now is how do you find a company you can bank on?

A service provider willing to work with you in the long term is a good starting point. Anyone who has been following our posts recently will have picked up the benefits of sticking with one service provider as opposed to frequent changes. But that alone isn’t enough because there could be many willing to work in the long term but the delivery itself is not in your favor. The key lies in finding an asset liquidation company you can trust. A company that acknowledges the bond between them and their clients. A company that observes industry trends, and are happy to proactively share information that helps your business process.

That said, liquidation companies may look the same and claim to offer similar services, but there always is a difference.

Next time you need IT asset disposition services, make sure the provider is, first and foremost, certified. This goes to show that at least they are committed to observing health, safety and environmental regulations, which is a mark of a serious company. Other key factors that the company needs to fulfil include boasting a solid reputation, knowledge and experience in the industry, prompt responsiveness, and flexible service plans to cater to businesses of all sizes and different needs.

The very best will go out of their way to advise you on how to enhance your processes and manage your equipment end cycle to abate costs and risks, maximize value recovery and comply with existing policies.


In addition to the above, here are other basic things you should look out for when choosing an ideal partner for your business:

  • Do your homework before committing in order to properly understand how the service provider operates.
  • You can request information related to the regulations your business is subject to and how the provider will ensure you’re in line with them.
  • Assess if they understand their industry well, as well as your business and compliance needs by, for instance, asking if they can share insight to demonstrate that.
  • Know who you will be dealing with – will there be direct contacts or is it just a public customer service line?

By following these basic guidelines, you will rarely go wrong when it comes down to choosing asset recovery services.

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