What’s the Difference between an IT Disposal and IT Disposition Company?

IT Disposal vs. IT disposition. Which is the right one?

One of the most common mix-ups in the IT asset recovery industry definitely has to do with the difference between getting rid of electronic waste vs. putting your IT assets through the disposition procedure. It’s a common misunderstanding you can probably be accused of too, and so we thought to help you understand the difference between the two.

Here’s the straight dope.

Electronic Equipment Disposal

Time and again, your company needs to dispose obsolete IT assets according to legal environmental standards, otherwise you risk being slapped with a really fat fine by the EPA.

As you may be aware, almost all electronic devices bear harmful chemicals and metals which are considered hazardous waste in some instances. Over the years, electronic waste has caused untold damage, and this is why it needs to be handled with extra care, you will forever hear.

It’s a pretty sensitive subject these days, with multiple international laws touching on it, and actually very categorical on the same.

Now, for anyone looking to recycle their home or small company’s IT junk, an IT asset disposition firm is not exactly the best candidate for the job. And there are certain drawbacks to this actually. You will be wasting their time, and your money too since ITAD companies impose a fee for small recycling jobs in case there is no disposition involved.

That said, it’s best to wait for a community recycling day for jobs of this magnitude – or visit the IT junk recycler who is in business to render recycling services.

IT Asset Disposition

If your company is larger – over a hundred employee workstations, for instance – it’s time to entrust matters to a disposition company, a certified one at that.

There are two major ways asset disposition is different from asset disposal. First is that it evaluates the refurbishing value and monetary resell value of your assets, and second, it ensures your company’s data is protected and destroyed when need be.


ITAD companies are well equipped to handle large jobs, be it recycling, refurbishing or reselling.

Does it Matter

Now that you know what the difference is, does it really matter who does the job for you?

Understanding this difference could mean the chance to save your company money, and in some cases, even earn it. ITAD companies are there to cater to large organizations and ensure the latter are able to handle large amounts of technology during asset turnover. They do this by acting as an avenue for asset liquidation, purchasing old assets that can be reused, as well as carrying out refurbishment and handling hard drive data destruction.

ITAD companies also provide a financial return for businesses, something that cannot be said of the regular IT junk recycler. With their knowledge of the recovery solutions market, they are also able to guarantee businesses security for their data, not to mention the expertise to handle retired IT assets in the most responsible manner which ultimately keeps your company away from environmental fines and data breach headlines.

But even they differ in their own ways, but that is a topic for another day.

There you have it.

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