Why an Asset Recovery Company would be a Boon to Semiconductor Manufacturers

The semiconductor industry is a forever evolving one. This particularly rings true in this technology age we live in that has witnessed the proliferation of devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones et al to a point they now outnumber human population by the hundreds.

With a simple creed geared towards becoming ‘smaller, faster, and cheaper’, the technology of yesterday is here today and gone tomorrow, literally by the months. This has seen billions of chips being churned out each year, with a similar number being retired. In such a quicksilver industry, it needs no saying twice that asset disposition is fashionably high as the makers try to adopt matching equipment.

This is an industry that critically needs to focus on the key business at hand to keep at par with the vicious competition. The reason semiconductor manufacturers would be doing themselves a favor by employing a recovery solutions firm to carry out asset management on their behalf.

A number of different programs exist depending on whether the company wants to purchase, dispose, or look for avenues to redeploy excess inventory. Notwithstanding, a liquidator could also manage aspects of equipment delivery globally. But that aside, here are a few more reasons why semiconductor manufacturers could do with asset management.

Procurement Program

The rapid technological changes we’ve mentioned, coupled with never-ending improvement practices and corporate restructuring have led to a superfluous of high quality, surplus manufacturing equipment.

Semiconductor-industry-asset-dispositionThere are definitely pitfalls associated with buying overpriced or subpar equipment, and an asset management company could help manufacturers looking to acquire used assets avoid them, thanks to established relationships. Also, they can simplify the search for reliable assets and provide substantial cost savings compared to buying new.


For any semiconductor company that is liquidating, tracking inventory or nearing the end of an equipment lease, appraisal services are called for.

Asset management companies are highly versed with asset valuation, especially those experienced in the semiconductor and electronics industries.

Global Consignment

In the case of new asset acquisitions or frequent restructures, surplus assets need to be gotten rid of. In some cases, this could involve relocating the same to a storage facility.

Being in that line of business, asset recovery firms will often serve as good consultants with respect to the disposition of semiconductor equipment.

Asset Redeployment

Redeploying equipment can help semiconductor companies avoid underutilization by reallocating resources to more profitable areas. This could be accomplished through several ways.

For one, it may involve moving surplus equipment from an area where it is underutilized (or no longer used) to one where it will be of greater use – this avoids the cost of acquiring new equipment. Second, the same equipment could be sold and the proceeds realized channeled into a more efficient replacement.

Either way, an asset management company can help semiconductor manufacturers not only realize their goal, but also take the best option out.

Asset liquidation firms can considerably reduce the costs associated with equipment purchases for manufacturers in this sector, not to mention come in handy when there is a need to recover capital from underutilized or dormant resources.

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