Why IT Asset Recovery is a Good Idea

IT asset recovery has been increasingly gaining popularity over the years, particularly now that more and more computers are being spewed from the production lines and the technological evolution switches to the fast lane at a rate we can barely keep up with.

As a company that specializes in asset recovery services in San Jose, one of the many questions we often hear being thrown around is why asset recovery is so important. Thought we could share the answers with you too, and here are some of the biggest reasons you need to know about.

Protect your Data

Old computers lying around in storage are a big liability to your business in the chance that malicious hands should stumble upon them. One of the ways around this is to keep the equipment locked up, some tend to reason. But that’s a hassle you could genuinely do without.

The idea behind asset liquidation is to earn money from the old stuff. But it extends beyond the money. You get the peace of mind that comes in the knowledge that the problem is now someone else’s to worry about right from the moment you securely transfer safe custody to us.

IT-asset-recovery-solutions-san-joseWe adhere to the proper data cleaning rules when wiping data off your hard drives, and that worry at the back of the mind about your data becoming compromised at any given time does not just become remote, but totally wiped out as well.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

When a computer is manufactured, it can impact the environment in more ways than one. Take a few examples.

The manufacturing process itself requires a lot of renewable and non-renewable resources. The same process leads to a lot of waste being generated. Computers need electricity to run. And when it comes to disposal, it needs to be done properly because it not only takes precious space in landfills, but also the equipment contains a lot of hazardous material that can leak to the soil and water to devastating effect. The list of negative impacts can go on and on.

Until you seek expert asset disposition service. But what does this mean for you?

For starters, your old data will be cleaned in a way that renders it irrecoverable. Then, your old assets will be disposed professionally in line with the state’s regulations. We may even find parts from your old system we can reuse, and you will be guaranteed a fair market value for the old parts.

Help your Budget

IT asset disposition allows you to earn money from your old computer equipment. This translates to more money being available to purchase newer equipment, higher quality software and so on. Asset recovery is both cost-effective and budget-friendly, and this goes for SMEs as well, not just large companies.

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