Why you should Think about your E Recycling Vendor’s Health & Safety Record

Every company is bound by the environmental, health and safety regulations, a set of rules established by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) that it must adhere to, irrespective of whether you are in a safe office environment.

For e recycling companies, the health and safety of their staff can be a challenge sometimes. This is because the material we handle is hazardous, plus we move heavy assets around a lot. Let’s also not forget the various sharp pieces and components that result from equipment de-manufacture or when hard drives are destroyed.

We often advocate that clients validate their ITAD partner is following the rules of disposal through compliance with environmental regulations. But what we don’t say often enough is for you to ensure these parties are also doing the right things when it comes to the safety of their staff and facilities.

You may be wondering how the on earth that is any business of yours and even if it was, how you would go about getting a hold of such information.

Well, here are 5 reasons why you should care.

#1. A solid health and safety program and record is one of the multiple pointers that the electronic recycling company you have chosen to partner with follows workplace safety virtues throughout. If their workplace is what you could call safe, then chances are they also abide by environmental requirements.

#2. You don’t want to do business with a vendor that does not uphold the same high standards for employee health and safety. A number of companies point that out in their contracts, but this should not be the only opportunity for the e-waste recycling vendor to disclose that they indeed have a safe environment.

#3. If the vendor happens to be in the news for OSHA violation (as well as local or state employee), you could also be dragged into this negative rap. Your staff and the community at large expect you to do the right thing for the people too, not just the environment because sustainability includes both.

#4. A computer recycling firm that is willing to share its health and safety rules and documentation shows they have nothing to hide and you can interpret this as a sign of transparency. Of course, you want a vendor who is honest and open with you.


#5. Worker morale and communication have a direct correlation with a safe and healthy workplace as anyone who’s had the chance to witness both sides of the spectrum will attest to. In turn, this leads to improved productivity and quality. The vendor is also well placed to attract the best workers. Ultimately, this tends to have a direct impact on the kind of service level you are likely to receive from the vendor.

Make it a point of ascertaining whether the electronics disposal firm you are dealing with adheres to health and safety regulations. That way, you will be confident you are dealing with a reputable vendor mindful of their own employees and not just the PR dish they serve you on the front-office side of things.

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