Maximize Return on
Investment in Equipment

We re-market equipment for you to recoup your investments

Minimize your Asset
Management Costs

We streamline your operation expenses to manage assets more effectively

Maximize Recovery
Value of Your Equipment

We appraise value of your equipment & provide best remarketing solution

Protect your Information

We destroy all data on all type of data mediums &
provide a certificate of destruction

Get Your IT Gear Properly Disposed

We provide a free pickup for your e-waste & surplus equipment

Excess Logic Trusted Surplus Equipment Recovery Corporation

Excess Logic is a One Stop Solution for Surplus Equipment, IT Assets and Excess Inventory Disposal and Remarketing needs.
Our rapid and seamless process assists businesses in removing unwanted equipment and shares the net proceeds with them.
We have consistently helped over 400 companies earn 300% more value than liquidators and 800% more value than resellers.
Call us today at 650-307-7553 to try our One Stop Solution and learn how we can consistently triple your earnigs.

Case Studies

Being “too busy” may cost your company millions of dollars

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Ask Not What Your Company Can Do For You…

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Datacenter Decommissioning for A Leading California's Bank

50 Server Racks of Servers, Networking Gear and over 2,000 Hard Drives Decommissioned for One of California’s largest banks.

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Excess Logic's Intelligent Value Recovery Solutions
  • Surplus Equipment Recovery
  • returns RMAs management
  • Asset Recovery
  • IT Asset Disposition, ITAD
  • E‐Waste Recycling
  • Lab Equipment Disposition and Remarketing
  • Data Center Decommissioning
  • Computer disposal
  • Data Destruction and Sanitization
  • Donate Equipment, Electronics, Networking Gear
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    We are committed to protecting the environment

    Your company can prevent surplus equipment from being discarded in landfills.
    98% of your surplus equipment will be resold, supporting growth of your business.