Data Center Decommissioning and Relocation

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100 Server Racks And Over 5,000 Hard Drives Decommissioned for one of the World’s Largest Online Adult Dating Communities


The company was faced with migrating its data, video capabilities, and its user base of over 10 million to state of the art, efficient networking equipment. The capacity of the equipment required to host its data had been quickly outgrown.

The client had only five days to disconnect its servers and networking equipment, and remove themfrom the data center. Any delay in the removal would cost the company a significant amount for an extra month of rent.

Simultaneously the client also needed to reconfigure 50 racks of servers before relocating this new equipment to its new data center, as well as the destruction of over 5,000 hard drives which included user’s personal data.


Excess Logic’s proven expertise in decommissioning, data destruction, and logistical planning were instrumental in meeting the very tight deadline. Because of the very narrow width of the server cages, Excess Logic’s experts had to load the chassis and servers first onto carts and then expertly reloaded all the networking equipment at a loading zone for transportation to Excess Logic’s secure storage facility in Livermore, CA.

Excess Logic engineers replaced the hard drives with SSD drives and upgraded their security software, loaded them into special containers and shipped them to Dallas. While the client’s engineers were reconfiguring the 50 racks of servers in Livermore, Excess Logic’s data destruction certified specialists documented each of the 5,000 hard drives serial numbers and destroyed data in accordance with DOD 5220.22-MM standards.


In less than a week, Excess Logic’s experts decommissioned 100 racks of networking equipment, destroyed 5,000 hard drives in compliance with US Department of Defense standards, and provided the client with certificates of destruction.

From Excess Logic’s new facility in Livermore, CA, 50 racks of servers were reconfigured, securely packaged, and relocated to the customer’s new data center in Dallas, TX.

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