E-waste Recycling

E-Waste RecyclingE-Waste  Recycling

Recycling E‐Waste to Protect The Environment.

Do you know that each day 4,100 children die from Water-Related Diseases? 4,100 a day means 1.5 million kids die every year from polluted water.
Why do 1.5 Million children die from polluted water every year? Because the United States disposes of 2,439,000 Tons of e-waste a year.

Merely throwing e-waste away can be DANGEROUS! Electronics often contain hazardous materials like Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Lithium, and other hazardous materials.
When people dump e-waste into a trash it goes to landfill and from there to the water we drink.

Watch this short video to see how YOU can save lives of 1.5 million children a year.

Excess Logic's E‐Waste Recycling Division provides seamless e‐waste recycling services for laptops, desktop computers, electronics, electronic waste, laboratory equipment, semiconductor equipment, biotechnology equipment, as well as research, test, and measurement equipment.

We provide a seamless e-waste recycling solution to help your company recycle its equipment. In many cases, we can provide 100% free of charge recycling services, including pickup, on the same day basis in Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Redwood City, and throughout California to make e‐waste recycling as convenient as possible.

Our Mission is to be “Zero Pollution” computer recycling company.

Excess Logic provides various electronic recycling solutions. We can also turn medical, biotech, lab, fab, semiconductor, R&D, and test and measurement excess equipment into a vital source of revenue. We can dispose of your surplus equipment or remarket it and share profits with your company.

Safe and Secure

The safe and secure disposal of all sensitive data on your waste equipment is guaranteed. We adhere in strict compliance with the current Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22‐M) disposal standard, which requires seven passes.


Excess Logic's downstream partners are licensed in the State of California so you can feel confident that all items we accept are recycled in full compliance with all Federal (EPA) and State computer and e‐waste equipment disposal regulations.

Today, the United States recycles only 35% of e-waste and generates $5 billion in revenue annually and creates 30,000 jobs.
If we increase the number of recycled e-waste to 70% we will add an additional $5 billion dollars to the US economy and create 30,000 new jobs.
And what is most important is that we will be saving the lives of our children’s children, while increasing our own quality of living.

If you want to save lives of 1.5 million children dying from water-related diseases every year, please, every time when your company has e-waste please call 650-307-7553 to make sure you are doing the right thing.
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