Earn a Tax Deduction by Donating your Computers/Servers to Excess Logic

Old computers might have a few more years in them. However, donating them to your favorite charity, non-profit, or school might not always be the best option available to you.

As companies and institutions find cause to upgrade their computers and servers, this doesn’t mean the issue of safe electronics disposal when getting rid of the old equipment (one of the biggest headaches) goes away. The thought or temptation of donating equipment to charity or any other institution for that matter might have occurred to you at some point. However, what might have been lost on you is that most organizations tend to have very particular technology needs.

Thus, you tend to find that donating computers, and more so servers, might not always be a good fit, no matter your philanthropic desire.

One proven method of going about it is through computer recycling companies. The reason is because they are better equipped (in terms of machinery and skillset) to repair and upgrade these kinds of old assets. Plus, there are benefits to be reaped, but more of this a little bit later.

Choosing a Recycler

You should be able to find a recycler in your area, but not every one of them out there can claim to be reputable. This is why you should not go dishing out your assets to just anybody. First and foremost, make sure that the e-waste recycling company you choose to go with has a strict ‘no landfill policy’ that is applicable to every equipment they receive. Second, responsible recycling by vendors should always fall in line with the most current R2 recycling standards, as well as eStewards.

These are basically certifications rendered to recycling firms to ensure they play by the rules not just at the local level, but also on a national and global scale. The certification ensures that your data is professionally cleaned, that your assets are not caught up in any illegal exploitation issues (which is not uncommon), and that your equipment doesn’t end up in landfills.


Thirdly, the electronics recycling firm needs to be within convenient distance of your location, or rather have conveniently-located drop-off points (and hours).

But choosing to work with these professionals goes beyond doing your part in ensuring your e-waste is properly disposed of. Did you know you can get tax breaks by donating your computers and servers? That’s right. By choosing to donate these assets to an experienced and reputable e recycling company, you can directly benefit in two major ways.

One is that you will stop paying taxes for the old equipment, and second, you will be furnished with a donation receipt right away that will inform IRS of your efforts leading to a tax deduction of up to 50 percent of the residual value for the coming year.

And what better time to get a tax break for the year than this December. In the event that you don’t make it in time, next season is always a good time, although the sooner the better in order to seal the recurrent expenditure that is asset tax. The funds can quickly add up especially if you are a large organization and retire many computers/servers every so often as is wont.

It’s time to legally stop paying the taxman, and have him give you a deduction instead!

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