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Wondering what to do with Old Test Equipment?
How does that measuring phrase go again? Ah, if you can’t measure it, then you can’t understand it. Or something close to that. In fewer industries does...
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Do used Telephone Systems Qualify for Tax Benefits too?
Change happens. There comes a point a company makes the decision to upgrade its telephone system to a new one. The reasons behind are vast, including the...
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Even your AV Equipment can earn you a Tax Deduction
Change is an unavoidable element in this life (well save from a vending machine) and this is something that can no doubt be said of technology. When...
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Earn Tax Deductions by Donating your Network Equipment Conveniently with us
Many organizations tread a cautious path when it comes to investing in anything new, and more so technology. Being creatures of habit, people don’t want the regular...
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Turn your Computer/Tablet Donations into Big Deductions
As the technology race heats up and more and more laptops and tablets are spewed out of the production lines every day, so is the device adoption...
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Donate Manufacturing and Production Equipment to us and get Tax Deductions
Manufacturers in almost every process industry have to deal with the issue of how to improve their return on large asset investments. Effective asset management calls for...
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