Earn Tax Deductions by Donating your Network Equipment Conveniently with us

Many organizations tread a cautious path when it comes to investing in anything new, and more so technology. Being creatures of habit, people don’t want the regular order of business to be interrupted, and this is the reason many companies want to stick with what they are familiar with, and have always used.

However, holding on to the past comes at a price; not in the good way, but to your detriment. This is why stepping out of the cocoon of familiarity and regularly carrying out IT asset disposition is critical if your IT department, and company as a whole, is to keep at par with the competition – not to mention save money through the latest technologies.

When it comes to changes in the organization, one of the frequent culprits has to do with the networking infrastructure. Carrying out a network overhaul is not the easiest and most convenient thing in the world, but the overhaul is important if increasing the capabilities and efficiencies within the IT department ranks highly to you. There are no two ways about it, especially given the finiteness of IT equipment in general.

Now that rapidly-changing technology is the order of the day, with equipment and infrastructure that was competitive yesterday going obsolete tomorrow, many companies are finding themselves with a bank of excess inventory they don’t know what to do with. Not that they are ignorant about it, no. The buying and selling of networking equipment is not a trivial market by any chance, but surprisingly, it doesn’t garner a lot of attention.

That’s why you find many companies unloading used assets as a trade-in or at knockoff prices to the wholesalers, or through online auctions, just because they want it off the premises. If you’re one of these companies, next time you are retiring equipment and not sure which is the best way to dispose them, seek the services of a good recovery solutions firm. You will have yourself a go-to partner whenever the need arises, no more getting caught in a dilemma about what to do with your assets again.


Now, there is a point it gets that salvaging any value from your networking equipment becomes a challenge. Reason is that not many are likely to accept the old equipment, unless your asset liquidation happens within a very short lifespan, two years, for example, may be three for some sophisticated equipment. That said, one proven way companies can get anything out of old assets is through donation. That’s right.

Donating your networking equipment doesn’t have to come for free: it’s a great chance to earn tax deductions for your company, a figure that could be substantial especially if you have that ‘bank’ of equipment we mentioned earlier.

Figuring out everything there is to donating such company assets for tax deductions is no walk in the park, let no one lie to you about that. Do it once by yourself and you won’t look forward to the rigmarole a second time. That’s why we recommend partnering with a reputable asset recovery services vendor like us: all you have to do is donate the equipment to us and we’ll sort out the legwork for you, leaving you with a donation receipt to present to the IRS at the end of the day.

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