Turn your Computer/Tablet Donations into Big Deductions

As the technology race heats up and more and more laptops and tablets are spewed out of the production lines every day, so is the device adoption rate by individuals, institutions, companies and organizations.

Business IT asset recovery rate is on the rise as companies look to gain an edge over the competition by adopting the latest machines on the market. And one way they are getting rid of their devices is through donations; some to charity, some to non-profits, others to recovery solutions companies.

As you are probably aware, your efforts don’t go unrewarded as Uncle Sam might be generous by dishing out tax deductions, provided your equipment meets the requirements.

For one, if your company is looking for tax deductions through laptop/tablet donations, it would be great to know that not donations made to all institutions are deductible: some are eligible, some aren’t. By choosing to go with a reputable asset liquidation company, however, you can be certain that your claims will be legit. Speaking of which…

With us you’re guaranteed a Win

There are benefits of choosing to donate your company equipment to a reputable recycler like Excess Logic.

Normally, the IRS is categorical about the kind of laptops or tablets that attract a deduction: those still in top condition.

This means that machines that don’t meet this expectation are but a wasted opportunity – that’s what happens when you mostly donate to charity, or other bodies. Because you aren’t donating equipment with a year or two in them (these are best liquidated), but rather more (at least four years), chances are not all will meet the threshold. By giving them up to us though, we can refurbish and restore the machines to good condition (and working order), a provision not offered through other alternatives.

This in turn raises what the IRS calls the ‘fair market value’, which is basically the worth of the laptop/tablet. As much as it’s not the heftiest figure in the world, when equipment is donated in bulk it can really add up to a substantial figure.


The condition and value aside, there is also the never-dying issue of data security. Normally, when doing asset disposition for business assets like computers, laptops and tablets, professional data cleaning is advised. Failure to and you risk exposing confidential information to unwanted eyes because regular hard drive formatting and cleaning methods just aren’t sufficient enough. By donating the equipment to us, that is no longer a concern you have to live with.

Let’s not forget how the equipment leaves the premises. A good asset recovery services firm should save you the legwork by doing the collection themself, not the other way around. We have multiple drop-off points strewn across strategic points which makes it easier and convenient for both parties.

Moreover, we help clients sort out the necessary paperwork, without which tax claims cannot be made. On top of it all, we will provide you with a donation receipt which should see you take a deduction of up to 50 percent. Again, when donated in bulk, the figures really tally up well.

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