Earning Tax Breaks through Telephone Equipment Donations to Tech Liquidators

Companies rely on a profusion of electronics these days to run their day to day operations: from computers to scanners to printers to copiers to telephone equipment. Thus, when time is ripe to replace all these assets, it is lost on a good deal of businesses on what they ought to do with it.

Even a six-year-old knows that throwing away old electronics is harmful to the environment, and it is frowned upon in many communities. At least that first part. And reason is pretty obvious really: these electronics contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and arsenic which when left unattended in landfills, become toxic waste which can permeate through the soil, resulting to fatal effects to humans and animals.

So, what to do when it’s time to sell?

There are several options you can take such as doing electronic liquidation on online platforms like eBay, or selling them to second-hand electronics companies. Or better yet, you can donate the equipment to inventory liquidators, a move that is guaranteed to benefit the business – not just the environment or entities in the developing countries.

Now, when it comes to donating a company’s telephone equipment, it is recommended that the equipment should not exceed 5 years. Advancements in technology these days means assets across various sectors are becoming obsolete fairly quick. Thus, you find that holding onto the equipment for longer than necessary deprives it of the good value it could have attracted were surplus liquidation to be carried out earlier.

Actually, it even becomes increasingly difficult to find someone willing to accept old equipment because there isn’t much to be gained from them. Plus, there is no point in the assets gathering dust in storage while they could be earning the business some funds. To make matters worse, holding onto them only serves to be a draining hole in the company’s purse since you will be paying asset taxes for the same.

That said, a good place to start looking to donate your telephone equipment is to tech liquidators. Most of them accept telephone and other office equipment which they can resell at low prices or re-donate to those in need. The cost to you is zero. Apparently, you benefit from donating your equipment through tax deductions.


The good thing about making donations to a reputable vendor is that unlike most other entities willing to accept your donations, a reputable liquidator should be able to furnish you with a donation receipt which should qualify you for a tax deduction from IRS the coming year, in most cases up to 50 percent of the residual value.

That said, the next time you think about locking your telephone equipment in storage or disposing in any other way, now you have an impetus that should encourage you to consider donating to a dealer who properly understands the business.

It’s a win-win for everyone: your company, the recycling company and the environment.

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