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Dealing with Electronic Waste: The Shift to IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) [Part 1]
As the technological engine continues to roar and soar, we have found ourselves increasingly reliant on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones as must-have tools of business. It...
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Do they Offer you Free Computer Recycling? Run Rabbit, Run!
Whoever said the best things in life are for free was not definitely referring to free computer recycling. Then again, the computer must have been this futuristic...
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Why exactly is Electronic Waste Considered Hazardous?
The EPA (federal Environmental Protection Agency) has dumped electronic waste into a special category of materials dubbed ‘universal waste’. The category includes any material that would usually...
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e-Waste Recycling is a Great Concept; But it is never always Green
The mere fact that a company is in the electronics disposal business does not necessarily make it a good environmental steward. Because for an entity - whether...
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Why are e-Stewards and R2 Certifications Important in E-recycling?
In the field of e-waste recycling, two certifications particularly carry a lot of weight. These are e-Stewards and R2 certificates. But what does it exactly mean to...
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The 5 Key Steps of the Electronics Recycling Process
Discarding your computer as you would other electronics like your old iron box, DVD player or microwave is a risky move that exposes your personal information in...
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