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Top 5 – Solutions to Recycling Problems
Most of us know how to recycle the usual stuff like plastic milk jugs or aluminum cans. So what do we do with some of the other...
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Why Older Generations Didn't Have Recycling Problems?
Why Older Generations Didn’t Have Recycling Problems?
The Green Thing THE GREEN THING- In the line at the store, the cashier told an older woman that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags...
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Top 5 reasons people do and don’t recycle
Nothing boils my blood more than walking by a trash can filled with empty water bottles or a pile of paper. “Why?” I often yell as I...
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The Pros And Cons Of E-Cycling
The Pros And Cons Of E-Cycling
Mandatory e-cycling is already enshrined in law in 25 states in the United States, but remains a divisive issue. It is a agreed that a way must...
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Our E-Waste Problem Is Ridiculous, and Gadget Makers Aren’t Helping
CHANCES ARE HIGH that you’ll be getting or giving new electronics this holiday season: an iPhone upgrade for mom perhaps, or maybe a new Windows 8 ultrabook....
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Six Reasons Why Products Become Quickly Obsolete
Quickly Obsolete Examples of how electronics are “designed for the dump” E-waste is the fastest growing part of the waste stream. That’s because we are buying new...
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