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Providing Maximum Asset Recovery for Over 500 Customers.

Managing excess assets is only half of the coin. Once organizations determine which equipment and assets are no longer needed and which can be redeployed internally, they must then focus their efforts on selling their surplus assets.Every organization has surplus assets or inventory that are no longer being utilized. These items can place an unnecessary burden on your staff to manage and liquidate these underutilized assets.

Excess Logic is the trusted partner to relieve your staff of this distraction and allow them to focus on core business activities. Our core competency is the organization, management and orderly remarketing of surplus assets.

Excess Logic’s Total Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Solutions

Excess Logic has the expertise and proven capability to rapidly transform surplus assets into cash allowing you to realize the maximum residual value and reinvest the proceeds back into your business.

We will provide you with a site survey and offer for all your obsolete and surplus equipment. With three locations in California in Fremont, Livermore and Santa Anna, Excess Logic is prepared to immediately dispatch personnel to assess your surplus assets and in most cases make an immediate offer.

Asset Recovery Solutions 3X 10X Net Profits
Our Asset Recovery Solutions provide you with the best value and ensures that handling, transportation, inventorying, disposition and remarketing activities are executed in accordance with industry standards.

Excess Logic provides a seamless “White Glove” approach with our clients. We pride ourselves on being flexible, thus we provide pick‐up, accept drop‐offs at our facilities in California or make arrangements to manage and sell your surplus assets from your facilities.

As an industry leader in excess asset recovery, we have developed efficient processes to meet the needs of our global customer base. We make it easy for customers by providing one point of contact for the entire recovery process.

We guarantee optimum efficiency and transparency at every point in the value chain. Our One-Stop solution will ensure our customers reduced waste and maximum return on all surplus and legacy assets.
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