Data Center Decommission

Data Center DecommissioningData Center Decommissioning

Excess Logic — Seamless Data Center Decommissioning.

Excess Logic provides comprehensive recycling solutions for data centers, collocation and hosting companies.
Our data center decommission specialists could dismantle, remove, and recycle all of your hardware such as servers, disk arrays, tape subsystems, networking gear and other data center equipment.

When it’s time to renew the equipment all companies have three important things to do:
- Environmentally friendly dispose of all end of life assets,
- Safely destroy data,
- Maximize recovery value.

To meet these requirements Excess Logic specialists, dismantle, remove, recycle and remarket all excess laptops, servers, disk arrays, tape subsystems and other networking and IT equipment.

Our comprehensive service provides all regulatory required documentation supporting the destruction of equipment and we guarantee that all data will be sanitized from any remaining equipment which is not recycled.

In today’s digital world, companies use a vast variety of electronic devices to collect, store and transfer an enormous amount of data.
This data may include customer and employee information as well as highly confidential company information.

To protect your brand reputation, and eliminate your compliance risks Excess Logic provides offsite and onsite data destruction along with certificates.
Recycling program for data centers

We maximize your return on investment in equipment throughout the remarketing of excess assets.

Whatever remarketing or disposal method you choose, you can be sure that Excess Logic processes are the most compliant, secure, trackable, and environmentally responsible.

Excess Logic’s services are a smart and economical solution for all of your data center and recycling needs.
There are no recovery fees, removal fees or disposal fees for qualified equipment. We may be able to remarket your old data center equipment and share the proceeds with you.

Excess Logic is the trusted data center recycling partner of more than 400 companies. Our clients have the confidence that Excess Logic will execute their decommissioning and recycling projects in a logical and cost efficient manner the first time.
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