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Being “too busy” may cost your company millions of dollars
Being “too busy” may cost your company millions of dollars
Meet John, Director of facilities at a biotech company from South San Francisco, California. John is very busy. Meetings, deadlines, reports, tasks, events, over and over again....
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Why not make it a Resolution to Maximize your Asset Recovery this Year
Two weeks already into the New Year, I know, I know. But better late than never, eh folks? Well, the honeymoon for making New Year resolutions must...
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Asset Recovery: Used Medical Equipment Beneficial to your Facility (and the Green Cause)
Where would we be without medical equipment like CT scanners, MRI systems, C-Arms, and all those other radiology systems…These large systems cost a pretty penny which hinders...
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What’s the Difference between an IT Disposal and IT Disposition Company?
IT Disposal vs. IT disposition. Which is the right one? One of the most common mix-ups in the IT asset recovery industry definitely has to do with...
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7 Inventory Liquidation Challenges Facing Office IT Managers
Relocating or closing down a corporate office is not the easiest work in the world and usually comes with a deadline that is not subject to change....
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Which is the Best Approach Data Center Managers can take when doing Inventory Liquidation?
As a data center manager, there are certainly a lot of things you need to mull over when opening a new data center (or restyling an existing...
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