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Europe fails on electronics recycling goals
OSLO (Reuters) - Only a third of Europe's electronic waste is properly recycled, with vast numbers of cellphones, computers and televisions illegally traded or dumped, a study...
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Oakland council votes against recycling rate hike, reduces compost rates
Dive Brief: Last night, The Oakland City Council approved new rates for commercial composting services, capping the services 30% below the cost of trash services. The Council...
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Responsible Recycling vs Global Dumping
Responsible Recycling vs Global Dumping
Responsible recycling When we drop off our old computers at an e-waste collection event, or have a recycler come and get them from our offices, we want...
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Top 5 – Solutions to Recycling Problems
Most of us know how to recycle the usual stuff like plastic milk jugs or aluminum cans. So what do we do with some of the other...
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Why Older Generations Didn't Have Recycling Problems?
Why Older Generations Didn’t Have Recycling Problems?
The Green Thing THE GREEN THING- In the line at the store, the cashier told an older woman that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags...
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Top 5 reasons people do and don’t recycle
Nothing boils my blood more than walking by a trash can filled with empty water bottles or a pile of paper. “Why?” I often yell as I...
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