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What do you Look for when Choosing an IT Asset Recovery Company?
When it comes to finding an IT asset recovery firm, most of those tasked with the responsibility either have no idea where to start looking or what...
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Outsourcing Excess Inventory Management and Remarketing: Solving the Headache
Let’s be honest; every company has to deal with the issue of excess inventory at one point or another. And the conundrum always has to do with...
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IT Asset Liquidation and the Different Approaches to Solving the Problem
IT assets, unlike most other in the organization, have an ephemeral active lifecycle which averages four years. On the flipside, they also represent one of the assets...
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What are the IT Recovery Solutions Available to you?
Often times, the term IT asset recovery tends to be misunderstood by many, even those deep into the IT hierarchy. The misconception revolves around the length of...
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Best Practices in Asset Recovery for High-Tech Supply Chains
Best Practices in Asset Recovery for High-Tech Supply Chains
High-tech and electronics manufacturers are realizing that it's more important than ever to get control of their reverse logistics processes. They're becoming acutely aware of the value...
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e-waste recycling
Started last year, Binbag now is saving 4 tons of e-waste from landfills!
Around 40-50 million tons of e-waste is generated every year around the world. The global e-waste management market size is projected to reach USD 5.04 Billion till...
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