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Asset Recovery: The Case of Data Destruction and Certificates of Destruction
Technology is a forever evolving field, and now so more than ever. Thus, we find ourselves forced to do IT asset recovery every now and then as...
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Asset Disposition: Are your Assets Retired or Disposed?
IT assets, just like this mortal life we lead, do reach a point where they must hang up the boots. There are multiple reasons why equipment can...
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Asset Recovery: 6 Reasons Why you Should Take IT Asset Disposition Seriously
You work in IT, and one morning you wake up to very gut-wrenching news: your organization has been hacked. You stare at your computer screen in horror,...
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IT Asset Disposition: Have an Idea How Much your Old Computers are costing you?
In a bid to keep the annual bottomline consistently on the green, some of us fall prey to the phrase ‘save yourself poor’ when it comes to...
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Why IT Asset Recovery is a Good Idea
IT asset recovery has been increasingly gaining popularity over the years, particularly now that more and more computers are being spewed from the production lines and the...
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5 Things you should be doing to Ready your Business for IT Asset Recovery
If a company is to remain relevant and competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace, one thing it should be doing is keeping itself at the forefront of technology,...
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