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Dealing with Electronic Waste: The Shift to IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) [Part 2]
In the first of this three-part series, we focused on recycling as part of the IT asset disposition (ITAD) process. This second part sheds a light on...
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How Companies can Master Responsible, Efficient and Secure IT Asset Disposition
As recently as the 2014 calendar year, Unisys Corporation was involved in an asset recovery campaign that constituted over 1.6 million pounds of retired IT assets and...
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Is Delayed Asset Recovery Costing your Company Money?
Is Delayed Asset Recovery Costing your Company Money?
Time, of all the things, is not static. Thinking about it, it would look obvious, especially given it’s IT asset managers and data center managers you are...
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Fake E-waste Recycling is real, but can you Spot it?
One of the terms commonly thrown around in the business world has to be due diligence. And it is this due diligence that is really needed when...
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IT Asset Disposition: Have an Idea How Much your Old Computers are costing you?
In a bid to keep the annual bottomline consistently on the green, some of us fall prey to the phrase ‘save yourself poor’ when it comes to...
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Why IT Asset Recovery is a Good Idea
IT asset recovery has been increasingly gaining popularity over the years, particularly now that more and more computers are being spewed from the production lines and the...
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