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Earn Tax Deductions by Donating your Network Equipment Conveniently with us
Many organizations tread a cautious path when it comes to investing in anything new, and more so technology. Being creatures of habit, people don’t want the regular...
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Earn a Tax Deduction by Donating your Computers/Servers to Excess Logic
Old computers might have a few more years in them. However, donating them to your favorite charity, non-profit, or school might not always be the best option...
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Semiconductor Industry cutting Costs by all Means: Have you tried this Form of Asset Recovery?
There is no tricky industry as the semiconductor field. Small mistakes here could set back a company immensely, both in terms of time lost and money spent...
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Earning Tax Breaks through Telephone Equipment Donations to Tech Liquidators
Companies rely on a profusion of electronics these days to run their day to day operations: from computers to scanners to printers to copiers to telephone equipment....
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How Big Data Can Save You Big Money on Business Taxes
How Big Data Can Save You Big Money on Business Taxes
I awoke with a start the other night, realizing the end of March had crept up on me and I still hadn't done my taxes. Just thinking...
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